Rathpeacon’s Rebel Bounty

Good Morning all. Hope ye are inside or at least have your jackets on if you’re outside!

It is no surprise that last year was a tough year for the G.A.A. club. Sure it was a tough year for everyone as we know. Rathpeacon G.A.A. was not able to hold any of its usual fundraising events that would have kept us ticking over last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the various lockdowns and restrictions.

Our golfers had to leave their clubs gather dust and our horse-racing experts weren’t able to tell us who was on form. The club missed out on a lot of funds this way but we also missed the craic and sense of community involved. We also can’t hold our Christmas Draw this year which is another blow.

One way in which we can try and keep the club going while possibly giving something back to you, the members of the club, is to enter the Rebels’ Bounty Draw. Once we meet our minimum return to Cork G.A.A., all the money raised from tickets goes straight to Rathpeacon G.A.A.

How it Works

Each ticket costs €100. Not only do you get entered into a prize draw with 30 prizes every month during 2021 (where you can win between €150 and €100’000 depending on the month), you also get free membership to Rathpeacon G.A.A. for the year.


You can check out the monthly prizes for yourself on the website but here’s a brief breakdown.

  • Possibility of winning between €20’000 and €25’000 as top prize between January and November.
  • Lower prizes ranging from €150 – €3000 every month.
  • I hope you are sitting down or holding onto a sturdy piece of furniture, because €100’000 is the grand prize next December!
  • The best prize of all: become a member of Rathpeacon G.A.A.

What to do

If you feel like having 360 chances to at least win your money back then please get in touch with the page, or a club member that you know to purchase your membership/ticket. We can facilitate bank transfers or direct debits. A few of us younger members in the club even have Revolut so that’s another option. If you purchase your ticket through the club then the money goes directly to us and helps us out in a tough year.

You can contact us here, on Twitter, Instagram and my own phone number is 085-1246230. You can contact me on WhatsApp to get this great offer.

We know that next year may be just as tough as these last 12 months but it is important that we stick together. Bringing the community and the G.A.A. even closer together is one of our main objectives at the club this year.

Have a great Friday everyone and a good weekend.

Cian Dalton, P.R.O.

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